commissioning an oil portrait or genre painting

Commissioning a fine arts portrait is an exciting decision. It's also a collaboration between us and is usually a process which takes several months.

My goal is to capture that inner "something" as well as a likeness. Consequently, much of my work is in genre paintings: paintings of the subject surrounded by the beauty and meaning of everyday life.

Portraits are priced based on working with high quality pictures from a professional portrait photographer followed by at least one sitting if  possible. High contrast photographs (think "Vermeer") are the most effective choices.

Note: If you have a favorite photo you would like reproduced as a painting, you may want to consider having it professionally printed on canvas. Commissioning an artist to paint a portrait does not mean a photo-realistic copy of a beloved photograph. Artistic decisions might necessarily be made in keeping with my style, such as a "softer" more impressionistic background or changes to the composition to lead the eyes of the viewer to the most important areas of the work.


Working Procedure  Though these guidelines may be modified if necessary, I have found that, to produce the best images from which to work, it often helps to have the subject  photographed under a variety of lighting conditions and in different poses. It may be helpful to do a series of oil sketches, color studies and/or drawings from the photographs.

Your thoughts and expectations, and additions of personally meaningful objects to benefit the composition or background subjects will be discussed. I'll then then choose some of the best portrait concepts and confer with you to select the final pose.

We will need to discuss the finished size and use of portrait linen, canvas, canvas board or linen board for your oil portrait or genre painting. Depending on size and materials, the price generally ranges from $250 to $2500 AUD.

With the details confirmed, the portrait will be begun. A final sitting for details is desirable. 

The terms for the Portrait are 50% on ordering and the remaining 50% on completion.

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